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Make Customers For Lifetime

To make customers for lifetime, before you need to know about 9 orders of this customer service:

1. Their unconscious
Try asking the customer what they want and provide for repeated

2. Use the system, do not just smile
Please and thank you greeting will not guarantee you will do your work satisfactorily at all times. Only a system that can guarantee that.

3. Save promises, generous on delivery
All customers expect you to keep their promises. Stay on the word you exceed your appointment.

4. If customers ask, always answer with the word 'yes'
Make this as an essential condition.

5. Fire inspectors and consumer relations section.
Any employees who deal directly with consumers, must have wewnang to handle consumer complaints.

6. No complaints?, Means something is wrong.
Encourage your customers to say what they are unsatisfactory?

7. Measure everything
You know, if you do this baseball team, football teams do. basketball team is doing it. So, you have to do it.

8. Salary is not fair
Pay someone as your partner.

9. Your mother's right
Respect anyone. Be polite. Because all of the way it always works.

Remember!, The 9th of this command would not mean, if you do not get the benefit. The money should go, for business to keep running and so that you can still give good service.


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