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Tips To Learn What Customers Want

Do you know a great recipe vendors who have successfully sold hundreds, thousands or even millions of their wares? Yes, they never questioned what was said by the consultant or anyone else about the customer. the only problem is: can find out what the customer wants?

Here, some ways they have done:
  • They always ask the customer
  • They never guessing what customers want, because they know that more customers want to say to you
  • They always make a brief questionnaire in expressing himself that centered on how the business relationship from the point of customer field.
  • They provide short questionnaire to customers when they pay. That way, customers can fill it while the cashier add up what should customers pay.
  • They do not penah force customers to answer the questionnaire.
  • They never contact customers by telephone in the evening or urging customers when customers come to his shop.
You need to know, that the principle idea behind the questionnaire is to create an atmosphere that people enjoy doing business relations with you. Of course, if you are annoying, they will not be happy.


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