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Shocking!, Mark Zuckerberg At Google + More Popular Than Google Founders, Larry Page


Indeed, the unexpected and shocking!, Especially for Google's own figures! Since Mark Zuckerberg (Facebook CEO and founder) joined the Google+ accounts, Zuckerberg popularity exceeds the popularity of Google's founders and owner, Larry Page.

As released by TechCrunch, Google's statistical data on July 5, 2011 states, account Mark Zuckerberg (Facebook CEO) was ranked first by the number of followers 21 213 people. This exceeds the followers of the founder and owner of his own Google, Larry Page with a number of followers: 14 798 people.

From the data it is also, accounts owned by Larry Page was ranked second and was followed by Vic Gundrota Google + social media makers and Sergey Brin who co-founded Google in the top four. (

With this data, it could be surprised and embarrassed for the characters on Google. This is not really surprising?. Since Mark Zuckerberg founded the social networking Facebook, which is currently the most popular social network in the world, he became extraordinarily popular in various media. Moreover, in 2010, Zuckerberg set by Times magazine as "Person of the Year".

TechCrunch is the manufacturer's site statistics Google+ ranking made ​​by the team behind TwitterCounter based in Amsterdam.



Jasa Pembuatan Blog Termurah said...

hahaha. secara Mark Zuckerberg.
Pemilik Fb.

artikel yang bagus Gan.

Herry said...

Trims kembali Gan

Salam juga .. hehehe ... :)

anisayu said...

wah info yang sangat bagus setelah membaca jadi tak menyesal tahu infonya... :)

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