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Success Tips To Determine Your Target Market

When you run a business, do not forget to specify or determine the segment of consumer products for which one?

For example, if you open a boutique business, whether the segment just for women only or for men and women? Or from the class of medium-income or high? All of that will determine what products will be offered.

Here, tips on success in determining the target market:

Single Specialization
Where a company only selects a single segment. For example, the book publishing business with the option market for popular reading about the financial and business.

Selective Specialization
The company chose a number of segments selectively, can be more than two and among these options there are segments that attract and objectively assessed. For example, shoe companies make products for the elite at a premium price and excellent quality with the brand "My Starshoe", and for the middle class makes the brand product "My Shoe" with lower quality.

Product Specialization
Companies that only focus to produce a particular product sold in several segments.

Market Specialization
Companies that focus serves many needs of a particular group. For example, selling a variety of products to hospitals consisting of various medical equipment.

All Markets
Companies that serve the entire group of customers with all the products that they may need. Usually, this strategy can only be large companies.

Okay and good luck!


Anisayu said...

nice info....

im coming with smile...

Herry said...

Thanks Anisayu and my Big smile for you :)

Anisayu said...

u r welcame....

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abertura empresa said...


I just wanted to say that I really enjoyed this post. You make some very informative points . Keep up the great work!

Working Capital Finance said...

Thanks For Sharing.....
Nice Small Business Ideas and Tips Shared by you...............
Working Capital Finance

Herry said...

*Abertura empresa
*Working Capital Finance

Thank you for your visiting n good luck my friend! :)

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