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Social Entrepreneur

What is a social entrepreneur?
Many meanings can be derived from the social entrepreneur. But before turning it, please note that the essence of the social entrepreneur is sincerity. From this essence, can be prepared a summary that describes the meaning of social entrepreneurship.

Basic aspects of social entrepreneur comprises three things:
1. Volunteers, voluntary aspect
2. Public, community-related aspects
3. Private, aspects of which is the personal element

So the meaning of social entrepreneurship is the soul of individuals with ideas, high social intelligence and innovative that utilize all the capabilities, intelligence and energy to provide the best and beneficial to society.

Very different from business entrepreneurs who focus on the economy and profits. The focus of the social entrepreneur is taking action to create social communities prosper, prosperous and dignified. And if there is profit, not a destination, and usually have little value.

Examples of individuals who have a social entrepreneur is:
Dr. Maria Montessori (Italy) with Montessori institutions (educational institutions for children), John Muir (U.S.) with the Sierra Club (Institute for the protection and conservation zoo) and many others.

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