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The Kamasutra Of Business: The Greatest Secret Weapon You Could Possible Want

When you hear the word "Kamasutra", of course, inseparable from the art of lovemaking and sexual satisfaction. But the book written by Nury Vittachi, not talk about it.

The book "The Kamasutra of Business" is about the way how you will be able to give satisfaction to business partners, shareholders, customers, communities and even to God.

With a packed refreshing and humorous, policies Digest "The Kamasutra Of Business" this is how you:
  • Pack the product and increase added value
  • Using the strategies, strengths and niche market analysis
  • Menerapan fleksibilits a leader
  • Doing the right

This book is filled with faith, heart, and mind that invites us to do the contemplation, whether in personal life and in the behavior of doing business and competing in the values ​​of life and human relationships.

And more fun again, you do not need stealth while reading this book. You and your business partners will be satisfied 100%, as Suketu Mahta (author of the Pulitzer nominated book 'Maximum City: Bombay Lost And Fund'), "What a terrific read a book titled Kamasutra without stealth."

And there are many references from other successful leaders: Richard Branson, Sir Richard Burton, and others.

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