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Brave Through The Comfort Zone

In the previous article, has discussed the cause of 'Mental Block' is a 'Comfort Zone'. Comfort zone is the area where you feel safe, so if you are arriving outside the area, you will feel comfortable action.

Area inside the circle which has a comfortable area you enjoy, as if lined with thick, impenetrable walls. When you feel so comfortable with your job, then it is very difficult for you to penetrate areas such comfort to be an entrepreneur (who was in the area other comfort).

Example: If you're used to getting a monthly salary (the area at your convenience), then the income is uncertain which is a local businessman obtained outside the circle or the area of ​​new challenges.

However, if you dare fight to break through the wall and into new areas, you will need perjungan and learning. Because in this new area, you can just make mistakes and even failures (?). And Could you make a mistake? That's fine, because the mistake is one process that you must go through a learning phase.

And, if you are able and accustomed to penetrate to get out of the comfort, then you begin to expand your comfort area. And that is the 'New Comfort Zone'.

New Comfort Zone can be obtained by way of conscious and forced (such Termination of Employment). With that condition, you will think how to make money, so that could have an idea to open their own business.

While New Comfort Zone, can be done with a conscious, if you dare to penetrate your Comfort Zone and apply the principle of 'Could be due to normal'. Do with conscious, you will be better able to plan and try new things so that it becomes commonplace.

Now, just your choice!, to find the 'New Comfort Zone' is.

Good luck,


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Good stuff...thanks for sharing this information. Looking forward to hear more from you.

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